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A Western Religion ?

The St. Thomas cross & Christians (Nasranis) were first encountered by the Portugese explorer Vasco De Gama in India in 1498AD. 

In Development & Pre-production


Many consider Christianity a Western religion. It  originated in the middle east and in the Jewish community. The eastern Jewish culture was markedly different from their western Roman rulers. One can truly say that Christianity was born in the middle of the Eastern and Western worlds.


Dharlin Entertainment is an award winning independent American production company founded in December 1989 by husband and wife team - Dharan & Linda Mandrayar.  Independent and passionate they are committed to producing entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring films. With Dharan's extensive connections within the film industry in India, Dharlin Entertainment produces high quality films at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. The goal is to make films with the look of a David Lean picture at a much smaller budget - "A lean David Lean picture".  Dharlin's latest venture is to bring to the screen the story of the Apostle "Doubting" Thomas who traveled to India in 52AD and was eventually martyred.