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White Rainbow

Ele, My Friend

Filmography -  Sivaji Productions, Sivaji Films, Prabhu Movies

Ele, My Friend is a tale of courage, friendship and loyalty. Set in a time during the British Raj of the early 1920's, the story unfolds with Charles a curious and adventurous 10 year old, who stumbles upon a herd of wild elephants deep in the jungle. Fascinated by his discovery, Charles becomes inseperable with one of the elephants, a baby he names Ele. They are happy in a world of their own until their bliss is shattered by the sound of gun fire. Now Charles must decide if he can brave the odds to save his friend Ele.  

  • Mannan
  • Ele, My Friend
  • Kalaingnan
  • Rajakumaran
    White Rainbow
    Delhi Heights
  • Asal

  • Amar Deep
  • Rakhi
  • Puthiya Paravai
  • Vietnam Veedu
  • Thangapadakkam
  • Annan Oru Koil
  •            *** Dharan in production
  • Thirusoolam
    Needhiyin Nizhal
    Aruvadai Naal
    Anandha Kaneer
    Vetri Vizha
    My Dear Marthandan
    Thaalatu Kekuthamma

Inspired by true events, White Rainbow, is the story of Priya (Sonali Kulkarni - Bride & Prejudice), a beautiful, affluent young woman widowed and left to fate. Alone in a land of extreme contrasts, she seeks peace in the "City of Widows", but instead of finding solace, Priya finds a cruel world filled with brutality. Despondent, she meets three remarkable women and together they embark on a journey of empowerment as they fight for the rights of the widows of India in this ultimately hopeful and uplifting story. The film inspires us all to see the Rainbow present in all women.

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