the White Rainbow Project

The White Rainbow Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was formed after Dharlin Entertainment produced the film White Rainbow. Having the film shed light on the dismal conditions of the widows in Vrindavan (aka City of WIdows) was not enough for Linda and Dharan. They decided that they need to do more and thus embarked on a journey to help the abandoned widows.   With a group of like minded individuals and volunteers they started to travel to India to help the widows. Initially they were just flying by the seat of their pants and trying to work with other NGO's. Eventually they formed the White Rainbow Project to love on the women, help teach them skills so that they can create goods that are sold in Fair Trade stores, churches, schools etc. The Project also matches donor/sponsors with Widows at the program. Linda is an ardent advocate and tirelessly spends her time promoting the project.

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Recent Events

The White Rainbow Project
3rd annial designer sari challenge

Oct 21, 2016 

Donated Indian saris were used to design ball gowns for Marine wives for their annual ball.