The Journey of Thomas

Locations for the film Faith Beyond Doubt -  (Sri Lanka / India)  

Commissioned to spread the teachings of Christ the reluctant APOSTLE THOMAS was sent to the far corner of the known world in antiquity – India.  Reaching the ancient Jewish settlement in Muziris in southwestern India, Thomas is warned by the Rabbi, ANNON, not to upset the delicate existence.


Battling doubt, anger, depression and loneliness, Thomas forges ahead aware that every turn could be his last. Along the way he forms valuable friendships with a mute young thief SNEHA and a Brahmin priest ACHAN. Together they carry the message of hope and the revolutionary new faith to the lower castes that are under the heavy yoke of oppression. This in turn threatens the balance of power.




Thomas gains acceptance by QUEEN TERTIA, earns the wrath of KING MAZDAI and the sworn vengeance of the CHIEF BRAHMIN MAHAN. Eventually the disciple most known for his lack of faith gives everything that is asked of him by Jesus and finally paying the ultimate price - his life.


Doubting Thomas might be the perfect apostle as he represents all of us who in our human nature want proof and all of us who have doubts in our spiritual life. Thomas was able to overcome his doubts. His was a faith beyond doubt.