Our Journey

I was a Pepperdine University undergrad, a 4th generation Californian from Orange County, when I first met Dharan Mandrayar, a foreign graduate student from Madras, India. We became fast friends and despite our many differences, we found what we had in common was far more important. After a few years of dating and many struggles convincing our friends and families that it would work out, we took a leap of faith and got married on the beach in Malibu in the summer of 1986.

Faith Beyond Doubt - DharlinShortly after our wedding, Dharan, brought me to India to meet his very large, very famous, and very traditional family. Think Bollywood legend. I was a bit nervous as you can imagine, and as we were driving from the airport to his home, he leaned over and pointed to a large hill and said, “that is St. Thomas Mount, where St. Thomas was martyred”. “St Thomas? “ I questioned, which St. Thomas? “One of the disciples, you know… Doubting Thomas”, he replied. I was surprised, I had no idea that any of the original 12 apostles had gone as far as India to spread the gospel. I wanted to know more, and I knew others would as well. It was from that moment on, that I felt a strong conviction, that this was a story that needed to be told.

Well, that was 35 years ago and the moment has finally come to bring this amazing story to the big screen. After years of cajoling on my part and waiting for just the right timing, Dharan finally felt that he had the maturity to write the screenplay. He has written many scripts through the years, directed and produced several other feature films but this was no easy task. There are various accounts, myths, and legends surrounding St. Thomas. How do you bring such an important character’s story to life and do it justice while at the same time make it relevant to audiences today?

Faith Beyond Doubt - DharlinI can honestly say that with much encouragement and faith, I feel that Dharan was able to do just that! “FAITH BEYOND DOUBT” the Journey of Thomas, is an epic historical drama that is compelling, exciting, emotional, engaging and inspirational.

We want to invite you to join with us as we embark on our own journey of “Faith Beyond Doubt” and complete this vision placed on our hearts so many years ago.

Please think about how you would like to be involved and join us on this amazing journey. Do sign up for future updates and help us spread the word by forwarding this on to friends and family you feel would also want to be a part of this exciting adventure.

Your continued prayers and encouragement are much appreciated!

Faith Beyond Doubt - Linda Mandrayar
Linda and Dharan Mandrayar